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The Student Board is composed of students from law schools across the globe. The Student Board works in tandem with the Student Engagement Committee to assist law students in starting and strengthening their local law school chapters. The Student Board informs students of JRCLS events, provides training and resources, and encourages students in their JRCLS efforts. Board members also represent student perspectives on JRCLS professional administration committees, such as Women in Law and Religious Freedom.

Meet the Student Board

Warren Wood, 2024-25 Student Board Chair

Warren is a 2L at the University of Wyoming College of Law and is interested in pursuing a career in JAG and/or a career in business transactions in West Africa. Warren is the former JRCLS Student President at Wyoming, is engaged in a human rights clinic, and enjoys researching complex international legal issues. Warren is married with a growing family of currently 2 girls, and loves the outdoors, running, and spending time with family watching movies or spending time outdoors with his Australian Shepard.

Shannon Howard, Immediate Past Chair

Shannon is a 3L at Brigham Young University. Prior to law school, Shannon taught college English. She has a passion for conflict resolution and peacebuilding. Shannon loves to visit art museums, watch baseball games in person, and engage in friendly debate with her four sons. Her travel dream would be to bicycle with her husband through Europe.

Madison Brown

Madison is a 2L at the American University Washington College of Law. She graduated from Brigham Young University in Art History and Public Relations. Prior to law school, Madison worked as a paralegal and at an investment bank. Madison is from Northern Virginia and is the East Coast's biggest fan. Madison enjoys attending concerts, reading British literature, playing classical piano, traveling, skiing, and eating her way through DC.

Jace Horvath

Jacint (Jace) is a 2L at the University of Virginia School of Law. He loves spending time with Megan, his wife and three daughters. He is pursuing a career as a JAG in the United States Air Force. Jace loves Charlottesville and playing pickleball with the city's finest. Jace grew up in Hungary and became a United States citizen last year.

Taylor Crofts

Taylor is a 1L at the J. Reuben Clark School of Law. She graduated from Brigham Young University in English and Editing. Taylor loves to hear and tell stories, and she thinks that the infinite possibilities for interpretation that exist in language are so interesting and important to understanding people and broadening perspectives. Taylor loves the ocean—swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, or just reading on the beach—and playing games and watching movies with her siblings and friends.

Victor Njoku

Victor is a 3L at Bingham University from Nigeria. Prior to law school, Victor served in the Ghana Accra West mission. He loves traveling and has been to many different states in his home country. Victor hopes to expand on the places he has visited. He enjoys researching the law and hopes to improves his knowledge in ADR (alternative dispute resolution). Victor loves reading, making new friends, and sports. He hopes to play professional basketball someday.

Jenna Crowther

Jenna is a 1L at BYU Law School. She graduated with a degree in communications from Brigham Young University in 2018. Jenna is interested in conflict resolution and international law. She loves to read, cook delicious food, and play story based games. She hopes to visit every continent some day soon.

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Shannon Howard

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