Tools & Training


  • Bylaws (last amended July 19, 2012)
  • Handbook
  • Chapter Leadership Manual – Prepared by the Leadership Development Team to help new leaders navigate the ins and outs of establishing and operating a successful chapter. The manual provides guidelines on many facets of Law Society leadership, including (but not limited to) building a membership base, organizing a Board of Directors, planning activities that serve others and promote religious liberty, and setting goals to achieve Quality, Outstanding, or Developing Chapter Awards.


Website Training

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Leadership Development & Training

The Leadership Development Team (LDT) is committed to harnessing the experience and ability of Law Society leaders around the world to help us grow and better serve our communities. If you’d like the LDT to provide training to your chapter leaders, or if you’re willing to share your own experiences and insights with other chapters, please complete this short survey.

Leader Orientation Modules

To assist chapter leaders in being successful in their new roles, the LDT has prepared the following modules that we invite each new leader to complete. Beginning in 2019, a one-hour review of these materials by chapter leadership became a requirement to receive the Quality or Outstanding Chapter Award.

Chapter Creation & Development (Español) | Religious Freedom (Español) | Service & Outreach | How to Build WIL in Your Chapter (Español) | Young Lawyers & Students (Español) | Latin America Liaison | Why I Love the Annual Leadership Conference

Helpful Videos

How to Tell a Story | Leadership Manual Training (Español) | Principles of Effective Leadership | Structure & Resources | How Women in Law Supports the Law Society | Chapter & Committee Chair Website Training