LDS Perspectives on the Law

LDS Perspectives on the Law is a compilation of materials drawn from LDS, legal, and other sources intended for use by law students or attorneys in group or individual study settings. The “lesson plans” are works in progress, made available as a professional courtesy by the respective authors who retain responsibility for their content as well as any copyrights. Permission is granted for individuals to make an individual study copy of each lesson. Commercial use is prohibited.

  1. The Early Church and the Legal Profession – by James H. Backman
  2. LDS Attorneys: Approaching the Modern Era – by James H. Backman
  3. Balance Career Presentation – by Bruce Duffield
  4. Church Disciplinary Councils – by James H. Backman
  5. Selected Legal Topics of Importance to the LDS Church – by Von Keetch
  6. Law and the Church as an Institution – by Boyd Black
  7. Religious Liberty – by William F. Atkin
  8. The Constitution of the United States as an Inspired Document – by Scott Isaacson
  9. The Theory or Doctrine of the State – by Val Ricks
  10. Women and the Law (2 parts) – by Katherine D. Pullins and Marianne M. Jennings
  11. Limits on the Duty of Obedience to Secular Law – By Jay W. Butler
  12. The Sanctity of the Clergy – Penitent Privilege – By Keith A. Thompson
  13. The Theological Role of Contract Law – By Val D. Ricks
  14. Environmental Stewardship – By Craig Galli
  15. On Being a Judge – By Daniel A. Barker

If you have interest in contributing materials to this compilation (or know of someone who may be interested in doing so), please contact Bill Atkin.