Workings of the Committee

Under the direction of the Operating Committee and the Board of Directors, the Service and Outreach Committee has responsibility for the following areas of emphasis within the Law Society:

  1. Assist chapters and chapter members in providing service within their local communities.
  2. Assist with local, national and international outreach to other service organizations and persons and organizations of influence throughout the world. Our Committee is currently focused on four service areas and continuing to build out our teaming relationships in each:
    • CLAMAR (expanding into Latin America and expanding in US);
    • Immigration and refugees (e.g., AIC, No Mas);
    • Combating Sexual Exploitation (i.e., NCOSE);
    • Disaster Relief (i.e., ABA, LDS Charities, Equal Justice Works); and
  3. Identify and recognize individuals or groups whose service to others exemplifies the principles and ideals of the Law Society.
  4. Nominate individuals or groups for the prestigious Franklin S. Richards Award.

The Service and Outreach Committee meets monthly to discuss progress toward annual goals. These goals are based on the areas of emphasis set forth above and are designed to help Law Society Chapters and Chapter members build goodwill and increase their influence for good in the world.

Past Events

Conference Ticket Event

2024 JRCLS Annual Conference

Speaker Ticket Event

2024 JRCLS Annual Fireside


Susan Griffith

BYU Law/Timp Law Center Liason

Tania Parker

Latin America Region
J. Negrao Attorneys at Law (Brazil)

Hillary Kleinhenz

Refugee Specialist

Susannah Thomas

International Service Chair

Fabio Nascimento

Latin America Region
Bruno Augusto Advogados

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