Website Training Videos


(0:00-0:37) Intro: how to sign up and create your profile

(0:38-2:09) How to reset your password if you have an existing profile but can’t access it

(2:10-2:54) How to customize and edit your profile

(2:55-3:38) How to join a chapter

(3:39-5:04) How to use the JRCLS directory

(5:05-5:39) Conclusion


0:00-0:41 - Intro

0:42-1:33 - How to access the dashboard

1:34-2:51 - How to add a chapter description, banner, photos

2:52-3:51 - How to add team members

3:52-5:04 - How to send targeted emails

5:05-5:57 - How to view and audit your member list

5:58-6:41 - Conclusion


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