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In fulfilling the Law Society’s mission the Law Society promotes public service and community outreach as meaningful activities for each Law Society Chapter and member.


  1. In lawyer Chapters, members use their professional skills, experience and leadership to enrich their communities with positive, religious-anchored professional service, whether by providing legal services to the unprotected and weak or through volunteer leadership to non-profit organizations and programs in their community. In Student Chapters, members organize to provide meaningful service particular to the communities in which they study.
  2. The Law Society seeks to recognize significant pro bono and community service contributions by its members and to otherwise promote public service as a central part of the Law Society’s mission.
  3. The Law Society can assist its members in providing pro bono and other community service by organizing pro bono programs, partnering with other appropriate service organizations, and providing resources to facilitate service by individual members.


Pro Bono Service

Chapters should implement at least one annual service or outreach initiative. For Lawyer Chapters, this might include directly providing legal services to the unprotected and weak, such as through pro bono service. For all Chapters, this might include teaching law-related principles to community groups or providing other meaningful service to the community, such as law-related work with charitable organizations, non-profit organizations, governmental entities, and schools. For Student Chapters, this might also include partnering in a project with an Lawyer Chapter.

  1. The JRCLS Pro Bono Legal Services Program: The Pro Bono Legal Services Program of the J. Reuben Clark Law Society provides local Priesthood leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) with a legal resource to assist needy members of the LDS Church and others consistent with LDS Church welfare principles. The Program is not administered by the LDS Church but is a voluntary effort by members of the Law Society to render assistance to the needy. Program guidelines are available on the Law Society’s Web site at jrcls.org.
  2. Other Chapter Service Activities: All Chapters may organize and encourage member service in a variety of ways, including:
    • Volunteer to teach local students or other community groups about
      • The local legal system
      • The important role of religious liberty [Link]
      • Respect for and the importance of the rule of law
      • Civics/importance of being involved in one’s community
    • Organize through local church leaders or other community organizations to present seminars or workshops on legal topics of interest, such as:
      • Family law
      • Immigration
      • Estate planning
    • Organize Chapter members to provide volunteer services at local legal aid societies or other service organizations
    • Raise funds for local pro bono service provider

Resources for these and other possible Chapter activities may be found on the Society’s website at jrcls.org.

Franklin S. Richards Pro Bono Community Service Award

Through the Franklin S. Richards Pro Bono Community Service Award, the Law Society seeks to honor members who epitomize the virtues the Law Society espouses by providing service to the poor, the needy, and the disadvantaged. Chapter leaders and Law Society members are invited to nominate members as award recipients. A nomination form may be filled out on the Law Society’s website at jrcls.org.

Encouraging Service by Society Members

All Chapters need to encourage and motivate members undertake public service and community outreach projects.

  1. Reports and Testimonials at Chapter Events: Brief reports or testimonials from Society members at Chapter events can be an effective way to encourage members to provide meaningful community service. In some cases, it may be possible to hear from the beneficiaries of the service, which can be especially effective.
  2. Chapter Awards: Some Chapters develop awards to recognize significant service in their community. This can also highlight opportunities for service and motivate additional members to participate.
  3. Role Play: A role play may assist in the teaching the importance of service.

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