Franklin S. Richards Public Service Award

Through The Franklin S. Richards Public Service Award the Law Society honors those whose selfless service epitomizes the virtues the Society espouses. These virtues include service to the poor, needy, and disadvantaged, community outreach which fosters greater understanding of and compliance with the rule of law and actions and influence which improve the legal community’s ability to provide justice for all.

Franklin Snyder Richards, the award’s namesake, was the very first general counsel for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Appointed in January 1890, he continued in that assignment until his death on September 4, 1934. A key defender of the Church and its leaders during the tumultuous period of the late 19th century, Franklin Richards was also a legislator, one of the main advocates for women’s suffrage and a member of the 1895 Utah State Constitutional Convention. His courageous efforts to defend and promote the rights of unpopular, disenfranchised and persecuted minorities opened the door to growth and opportunity for countless numbers of men and women.

Chapter leaders and Law Society members are invited to nominate potential award recipients. A nomination form may be downloaded for mailing here.

Information about past recipients of the Franklin S. Richards Public Service Award can be accessed here.