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Recipient of the Franklin S. Richards Award in 2012, accepted by Mary Ann Ojeda Isidro

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Sign up for the Philippine Supreme Court's Unified Legal Aid Service (ULAS) Regional Consultations

The Unified Legal Aid Service (ULAS) Regional Consultations is the Philippine Supreme Court's initiative to conduct a series of nationwide discussions to shape the future of pro bono legal aid services in the country, from April 12, 2024 to May 17, 2024. JRCLS members in the Philippines interested to sign up and represent the organization in these dialogues may sign up here.


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2024 Asia Pacific Regional Conference

This program is dedicated to exploring the theme of the 'Last, the Least, and the Lost.' Join us for a series of enlightening sessions designed to delve into the challenges faced by marginalized communities and to foster discussions on creating positive change. It will be held in Mactan, Cebu and feature local and international JRCLS leaders.

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2024 JRCLS Annual Conference

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2024 JRCLS Annual Fireside


Spencer Albos

Chapter Chair
Sarmiento Loriega Law Office

Ma. Stephanie Faye Agcarao

Chair Elect
South Asialink Finance Corporation (SAFC)

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