Service Spotlight: Syracuse Student Chapter

The Syracuse University student chapter of the JRCLS welcomes both JDr (residential) and JDi (interactive) students. JDr students are traditional, full-time law students attending classes in person, while JDi students pursue their JDs while attending classes remotely, attracting students from all over the world with varied professional and faith backgrounds. Attending Syracuse and devotion to faith unite this geographically and religiously diverse group of aspiring lawyers in the JRCLS chapter.

In March, the chapter sponsored a virtual service challenge inviting members to spend at least one hour serving in any capacity, allowing members to participate and serve wherever they lived while sharing a common purpose. Students who submitted a picture of themselves doing service were entered into a prize drawing.

Utah: Delivering fresh homemade bread and cutting down a large tree for neighbors

Virginia: Working with a local Cub Scout troop doing neighborhood cleanup

Texas: Taking a foster child to the A&M basketball game as respite care for the foster parents

And many more, including setting up church and greeting attendees at Easter service.

The activity was a great way to get a glimpse into the lives of chapter members, to encourage them to spend some time serving others, and to remind them that there is so much more to life than law school.