Month of Service: Mexico Veracruz Chapter Organizes Multiple Legal and Medical Clinics

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During the last week of May, 2024, the Veracruz Chapter of the J. Reuben Clark Law Society organized several events in the greater Veracruz area, offering free services to the public. The various events included both legal clinics in some areas, and health screenings in others, with approximately 160 people receiving consultations arranged by the Law Society in the Veracruz areas of A. Manuel Lopez Obrador, Mixtequilla, and Tejaría.

One of the most notable initiatives organized by the Veracruz Chapter for the Month of Service was a free cancer screening clinic at a local medical center focused on prevention of prostate cancer.  Under the capable direction of Veracruz Chapter Chair Gibrán Alberto Pérez González, Law Society members partnered with the Universidad del Valle de Mexico Medical School and Millenium Medical Center to bring together lawyers, psychologists, medical students, and renowned urologist Héctor Raúl Vargas Zamora providing 200 consultations over two days.

These events demonstrate the immense impact for good Law Society members can have as they work with other professionals to provide needed services to individuals and families in their communities.

Further coverage of the Veracruz cancer screening event can be found here: