Girls Just Want to Run: Women in Law

By Jennifer Long

Jun 29, 2023 | 1:11 PM

On Wednesday, May 24, 2023, the Women In Law committee gathered to discuss, “To Win An Election, You Have to Run.” Chairwoman, Candace Anderson gathered three women: Cecilee Price-Huish, Cyd LeMone, and Shaunte Ruiz Zundel to discuss their experience in public office and the election process.  Anderson has spent 32 years in public service mostly in California and currently serves on the Contra Costa County Board and she moderated the meeting.  

Cecilee Price-Huish serves on the Bountiful, Utah City Council.  Price-Huish’s remarks emphasized that timing is essential knowing when to run for office.  Price-Huish also explained her election run probably started with a story of hiking the Grand Canyon.  She decided after that adventure, that she could have the courage to run for office.  As a city council member in the city of Bountiful, Utah, she emphasized how important it is to get support from your family and friends when running for election.  She added that the best advice she received was to be authentic.  Price-Huish explained, “in Bountiful they told me not to use a hyphenated last name, but that is the name I had for the last thirty years.. . . .I am not changing my name.”  Another instance is when she had been in office, she was told to wear a suit coat. “But that is not me.  Some days I wear pink.”  Do not shy away from hard work.  Figure out what works for you and emphasize your strengths.  Cecilee focused on her love for the city and used hearts on all of her campaign materials.  

Cyd LeMone is on the city council in Pleasant Grove, Utah.  She has also run for mayor of the city.  LeMone’s remarks centered on how to make it happen.  She started in PTA at her kids’ school. LeMone’s passion and commitment for her community started there.   She found that experience gave her the confidence and the knowledge of how to approach the political process and be involved in her community.  Because LeMone has both won and lost an election, she provided valuable perspective.  LeMone has run multiple election cycles.  She explained, “I love the election process.”  LeMone also said to focus on the positive.  She was focusing on the negative and that was mentally draining and did not help her do her job.  When she focused on the positive, she was a better city council member.

Shaunte Ruiz Zundel serves on the Orem City Council.  Ruiz Zundel talked about the imposter syndrome she suffered from when preparing to run for office.  She had the help of her husband and family.  That helped her gain confidence.  Gathering together a team was  important to the campaign process.  “Knowing where to put campaign signs, having a good graphic designer, and having others’ knowledge and know-how helps.”  When Ruiz Zundel ran for the election, her kids were small, and she figured out she did not have to wait to run until her kids were grown.  Her kids could see her example of helping in the community.  “Being a good citizen means being engaged in it.”  Ruiz Zundel’s children became part of the community and helped their mom as she worked in the office.  She found that service is an important life lesson for her kids.  Ruiz also added that she found that raising issue awareness can be just as important as the role in public office. 

A strong community is only as strong as the citizens and those serving in it.