Brazil Area Announces Three New Chapters

The J. Reuben Clark Law Society has a global mission—one that is being fulfilled in every corner of the world. Thanks to the collaboration of outstanding leaders and volunteer members and committees, the JRCLS is proud to announce the creation of three new chapters in the Brazil Area: Santos São Paulo, Natal Rio Grande North, and the Cidade Curitiba Student Chapter.

The Law Society is an international service organization dedicated to preserving religious freedom, bolstering education, and promoting societal virtues founded upon the rule of law. As an organization, the JRCLS supports lawyers whose personal religious conviction and dedication to the profession are impacting the legal field on every continent.

The Brazil Area of the Law Society is uniquely positioned to make this kind of difference in the South America region. Newly nominated Area Chapter Chair Odacyr Prigol is committed to expanding chapter outreach in the area and taking steps to bolster society involvement and educational initiatives. With 18 chapters now active, the area is distributing widespread service and fulfilling the Law Society’s mission to promote fairness and virtue in communities across Brazil.

The JRCLS thanks its leaders and volunteers in Brazil and across the world for their dedicated service.