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As a chapter, the Women in Law initiative at the J. Reuben Clark Law Society provides webinars, events, and resources to empower and support female legal professionals while also extending assistance globally through legal service. Our platform fosters networking, professional development, and discussions on addressing challenges specific to women in law. Join our community to connect, learn, and contribute to advancing gender equality and providing legal service worldwide.

Human Rights Webinar

Rana Lehr-Lenhardt, a distinguished legal scholar with LL.M. and J.D. degrees from Columbia Law School and BYU J. Reuben Clark Law School respectively, serving as a Teaching Professor of Law at the University of Missouri–Kansas City School of Law, will lead the Human Rights Webinar, offering participants a comprehensive insight into international human rights law and global legal systems.

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Webinar - Work Life Chaos

Watch as female members of the J. Reuben Clark Law Society share insights and strategies on balancing work and personal life. Through candid discussions, they provide valuable perspectives on managing professional commitments alongside personal responsibilities. This exchange offers a unique opportunity to learn from their experiences and cultivate effective work-life balance strategies.

Careers in Law

The JRCLS Women in Law, together with the LDS Women in Law, hosted a virtual event on March 14, 2023 to educate attendees on the variety of careers in the field of law. The panel discussion centered around careers in corporate law, litigation, politics, government, family law, and academia.

November 2022 Elections - What just happened?

The JRCLS Women in Law hosted a discussion with guest speaker Michelle Quist on election outcomes, trends for women candidates, and how to encourage more women to run for public office. This event was held on November 17, 2022.

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Women in Law Human Rights Webinar

Speaker Ticket Event

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