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The purpose of the Media Committee is to oversee the Law Society’s various communications channels with its members, such as through newsletters, e-mail bulletins, advertising and website postings, as well as to coordinate public relations and media communications for the Law Society with persons outside of the Law Society’s membership. The Media Committee strives to help the Law Society ensure accurate content and widespread distribution, while also seeking to maintain a professional image consistent with the standards of the Law Society’s sponsoring organizations.


  • The Media Committee reports to and is supervised by the Law Society Board.
  • The Media Committee is comprised of a Chair, a Secretary and individual members of the Committee, as well as supervising and/or working together with the leaders and members of various subcommittees which handle matters relevant to the Media Committee’s purpose.
  • The Media Committee seeks to keep all of the Law Society’s lawyer and student members informed of events and activities, newsworthy items, inspirational thoughts, and examples of when Law Society members have acted to influence good in their communities.
  • The Media Committee gathers information in order to publicize same through many resources, including through individual representatives of local Chapter boards throughout the U.S. and the world who act as liaisons with the Media Committee. The Media Committee intends to regularly engage in communications with these liaison individuals in order to solicit information about potentially newsworthy activities and events in the local Chapter, and so as to also apprise them of publicity and communication opportunities afforded by the Media Committee.
  • The Media Committee seeks to inspire, motivate and inform the Law Society’s lawyer and student members. It strives to ensure accuracy in reporting, consistency in modes of communication, and to help the Society ensure the same high standards maintained by Brigham Young University and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Areas of Responsibility


The Media Committee publishes a newsletter, which is distributed to all of the Law Society’s lawyer and student members. The newsletter seeks to advertise upcoming events, report on concluded events, publicize appropriate newsworthy activities involving the Law Society on both national and local levels, and to inspire readers with accounts of Law Society members who are influences for good in their local communities.

Influence for Good Project

The Media Committee tries to encourage the Law Society’s members to be influences for good in their communities, not just in legal matters, but in all manner of areas of influence being actively involved in their communities and servicing on boards, committees and other leadership positions, and to publicize the good name of the Law Society in so doing. The Media Committee seeks to gather examples of such influences and to publicize them in the newsletters and other formats.

Public Relations

The Media Committee seeks to coordinate public relations matters for the Law Society, including encouraging and monitoring use of print media, radio, television and the Internet. The primary goal is to help portray the Law Society in a favorable light to the outside, and to enhance the reputation and name recognition of the Law Society.

Website Postings

The Media Committee oversees the content of postings on the Law Society’s website, and works together with the Technology Committee to provide a quality website that serves the multiple purposes of the Law Society.

Inspirational Thoughts

The Media Committee is in charge of assembling and distributing regular inspirational thoughts by e-mail to the Law Society’s lawyer and student members.

The Clark Memorandum

The Media Committee works with representatives of the J. Reuben Clark Law School with regards to its ongoing publication of The Clark Memorandum in order to assure consistency of publicity with the other communications and publications supervised by the Committee.


The Media Committee oversees the recording and collection of data to establish and expand the written history of the Law Society.


The Media Committee oversees all matters advertised and publicized by the Law Society, both to its members and to outside persons, in order to assure consistency of communication and to help protect the image and reputation of the Law Society.

Electronic Media

The Media Committee oversees electronic postings regarding the Law Society, including Wikipedia, Facebook and other electronic media.

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