Handbook | Clark Society Advisors


The purpose of the Clark Society Advisors is to advise, support, and encourage the Executive Committee of the J. Reuben Clark Society, as requested, in policy and fiscal matters.


Experience and wisdom from prior leaders help provide continuity and maintain purposeful vision. Counsel of experienced leaders will enable current leaders to understand decisions made in the past, and gain perspective from prior experience, as they chart a course for the future.


The J. Reuben Clark Law Society was founded by leaders of vision and influence. Over the history of the Law Society there have been a number of exemplary leaders. In order to preserve the expertise, wisdom, and advice of these leaders, the Clark Society Advisors (CSA) was formed several years ago by the Executive Committee. The CSA is made up of all former international chairs of the Law Society and a number of former board members. This group serves for three years with the option to renew membership in the group.

The CSA advises the Executive Committee on proposed new initiatives and plans being considered by the Executive Committee. The advisors may be called upon to address or advise Chapters or committees of the Law Society, in addition to the Executive Committee, on fiscal and policy matters.

In addition to occasional meetings by telephone conference, they meet at the Leadership Conference in October and during the Annual Conference of the Law Society in February. They are consulted individually and as a group by the Executive Committee on a periodic basis.

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