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The purpose of the Chapter Relations Council is to communicate with, train and support the individual Chapters and Chapter leaders of the Law Society.


The success of the Law Society, its benefits to members and the good it does in communities is dependent on the strength and success of the individual Chapters. Support, training and communication is essential to the growth and success of Chapters and the effective service of leaders. The Board and Executive Committee’s primary objective is to provide assistance, programs, technology and training to aid the Chapters in fulfilling the mission of the Law Society. It is imperative that the Board and Executive Committee know the needs, concerns and activities of each Chapter.


The Chapter Relations Council (CRC) trains and supports local Chapters. It also serves as a communications link between the Chapters, the Executive Committee and other organizations. The CRC is comprised of a chair, two vice-chairs, a secretary and Area Directors. Other members of the CRC include representatives of Law Society committees and affiliated organizations.

Area Directors oversee the work of Chapters in a geographical area. On a regular basis, Area Directors communicate by conference call and other means with the Chapter chairs in their area. They assist the Chapter Chair in organizing the Chapter’s leadership, presenting successful Chapter events, increasing membership, managing finances and addressing other Chapter needs. Click here to learn more about organizing a Chapter. Where possible, Area Directors attend Chapter events to support the local Chapter and represent the international Law Society.

The CRC encourages Chapters to become vibrant and successful by becoming a Quality Chapter or an Outstanding Chapter.

The CRC seeks to establish new Chapters of the Law Society wherever possible. The CRC also works to revitalize struggling Chapters. To assist Chapters in securing quality speakers for Chapter events, the CRC maintains a Speakers Bureau. Some Chapters may benefit from networking or sharing resources with other Chapters through the Sister Chapter Program. Women lawyers, whether practicing or not, and women law students are encouraged to participate in Women in the Law.

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