What is the Student Chapters Board?

Each year, hundreds of students of faith enter law school and join or establish the J. Reuben Clark Law Society chapter at their university. Some students do not know where they can turn for help if they want to revitalize, start, or participate in their organization. 

The Student Board is a subcommittee of the Student Engagement Committee of the JRCLS. It is composed of students from different law schools across the globe. The Student Chapters Board connects with law students through social media to inform students of JRCLS events, to educate students regarding their individual student chapters, and to provide other inspiration that will keep students motivated. The Student Board also represents students on JRCLS professional committees, such as the Women in Law and Religious Freedom. You can find information on the new Students tab of the JRCLS website. 

The Student Board is composed of five individuals. The current Chair is Shannon Howard, a 3L at BYU Law. The Chair Elect and Religious Freedom Representative is Warren Wood, a 2L at the University of Wyoming. The Women in Law Representative is Madison Brown, a 2L at American University. The Service Representative is Jace Horvath, a 2L at the University of Virginia. Our Philippines Representative is Rigel Belleza, a law student at Mindanao State University. We are currently looking for a few 1Ls to join us in our efforts. 

Travel Stipends to Attend Events 

The Student Board has been instrumental in efforts to sponsor students who travel to JRCLS events, such as the Leadership Conference and the Annual Conference. 

The Student Board is hoping to have a record number of students attend the upcoming Annual Conference in Las Vegas (March 21-23, 2024) and will have a limited number of travel stipends available to assist students who would like to attend. 

Please Reach Out with Any Questions And Join Our Social Media Links Below 

The Student Board wants students to know that they are not alone in their efforts with the JRCLS. Please reach out if you have any questions or are interested in attending events. 

Please join our Facebook and LinkedIn groups as well for updates, inspiration, and news about what other students are doing. If you would like to share with others your local chapter’s events and activities, please reach out to the Student Board so that we can post these things as well. 

Email: jrclsstudentboard@gmail.com 

JRCLS Student Chapters Facebook 

JRCLS Student Chapters LinkedIn